Julie Lamb on Kristy Glass Knits YouTube Channel

I’ve been to sooooo many knitting events and have met sooooo many talented, larger-than-life, super-nice Knitfluencers, but I never had the chance to meet Kristy Glass of Kristy Glass Knits - until this year's Vogue Knitting Live!, when I practically grabbed her.

Couldn’t miss this beauty in bright pink! She knew of me too! She prefers gold jewelry, whoa! You know how cray Vogue gets, and I didn’t want to hold her up from mingling with as many knitters as she could. A few days later, I DM’d Ms. Glass with my last-minute Valentine idea, and she went for it!

See the interview on her YouTube channel and be sure to watch before 2/17/20 to get Kristy’s special discount code on pieces from the Be Ewe collection:

On a personal note, I loved chatting with Kristy about lamb jewelry while taping in her comfy, colorful, and brightly-lit place in Long Island City in Queens, just two stops from Manhattan. Kristy is a pro - she had a versatile vlogging setup, two cameras, and this great light ring that made us appear flawless.

We’re both winter pale and wore bright lipstick (unplanned). She sported a hot pink shade, and I wore red. She offered to change her lipstick to match, but I liked the color clash! Very Valentine’s Day and a perfect setup for sharing sweet gift ideas for knitters.

I thought it was interesting that Kristy has come into knitting from the world of acting, since I’m also coming from an outside perspective. I know how warmly my work has been received by this awesome community of passionate creatives, and learning this about Kristy validated my feelings further. The knitters will make room for people who want to play! That’s a wonderful feeling. This glam mom of three really knows how to pivot and hustle. I’m so glad I finally got to meet her IRL. I just love to see another woman carving out her own unique path and making it work so beautifully.