Julie Lamb's Word of the Year 2020: OPEN

I’ve chosen O P E N as my #wordoftheyear 

Why? Words are important. I like to write. I believe I write better than I speak. It’s another form of expression for me, like design where I’ll likely do a ‘sketch’ first, or in this case a draft, tweak it, review it, look up meanings, use synonyms... really sharpen the concept I’m trying to convey. Anyway... open. I didn’t have to overthink this one 😃 It’s such a simple word but I can apply it to so many things. Open to new opportunities, meeting new people. Opening my mind to think bigger. An open heart, open to giving and receiving. Open for discussion. Open for business! Open to experimenting and learning. This will be my 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ resolution, to incorporate OPENness into all the things I’m doing and thinking about. Just thought I’d share that on this dreary (but still a Friday!!!) first Friday of the decade! Feel free to leave your Word of the Year here 😉📝❤️🐑