Built for Love Bridal and Engagement Collection by Julie Lamb

Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic architecture, we proudly present ‘Built for Love’, an introduction to our wedding & engagement style.
A bridal suite composed of New York stories & storeys fit for building a life together.
We explore the concept of permanence in both marriage and iconic landmarks, the preservation and protection of love.
These milestone pieces of tiny architecture represent our dream metropolis.
We hope you will choose to celebrate your commitments and connection with us. 

Platinum, diamond and sapphire custom engagement ring


Brooklyn Bridge Blvd.

The Brooklyn Bridge was the first roadway connecting the city of Brooklyn to Manhattan. I cannot begin to emphasize the importance of this, hailing from all the way out in Canarsie, or Deep Brooklyn as I lovingly refer to it. Reading about its history I was pleased to discover how 1880’s superwoman Emily Roebling, the wife of the chief engineer is credited with bringing the world’s first steel wire suspension bridge to completion after her husband Washington, (son of deceased architect John Roebling) fell bedridden. I wonder what this trailblazer would think about our bullet shaped sapphire side stones, a nod to her archways or the criss cross railing detail we borrowed for the gallery. A wedding is a union that ‘bridges’ two lives together and builds a passageway between two families. We think this timeless piece conveys this sentiment with strength and beauty just like its muse.

Perfect in platinum. Center stone shapes can be round, oval, asscher or emerald cut. Diamond or ruby bullet sides are also available.

Engagement ring with diamond and sapphire set in platinum
Assccher cut diamond and platinum engagement ring


45 Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Center is a beautifully designed square in the heart of midtown, edged with Art Deco buildings and a colorful line up of international flags framing the famous ice rink at its center. For this ring I chose an Asscher to represent the ice rink and custom cut trapezoids to frame the square. Just like the attraction itself, there is more going on down below. On the shank, pavé diamonds adorn both sides, and are hidden from the top- just like the actual address has a hidden passageway of shops and restaurants to explore below street level, for some added interest. I designed this ring years ago for my own engagement. At the time I worked catty corner to Rock Center at 1251 6th, which is also where I got engaged! Blog post to follow… In my effort to design something unique, squared, and substantial I ended up creating an Art Deco look, modern and timeless all at once. This ring is minimalist but not stark, a grand geometric resting on a slight curve, open and airy underneath making room for The Tree, the tourists, the farmer’s market, the sculptures and other seasonal installations Rock Center is famous for. I feel like I’ve come full circle, now able to offer my Rock Center design to you just steps away from its inspiration in my 48th St. space. I’ve come this far by staying put.

Platinum or 18K, but I will insist on an Asscher cut! Ruby, sapphire or emerald centers are possible.

Engagament ring in platinum with asscher cut diamond
Diamond engament ring set in platinum


Upper West Side

 Ever go apartment hunting in NYC? It's practically an olympic sport. If you’ve ever given 6% to a broker then you’ve probably heard the term Classic 6 which refers to layouts in the big, beautiful pre WWII buildings prominent uptown, in the West Village and in some of Brooklyn’s trendiest zip codes. Well this beauty is a Classic Five, as in 5 stone. In real estate terms that would mean you forfeited the tiny staff bedroom- and used the cash for your renovation! Forget all that, this ring needs no renovation. She's perfect just the way she is. Low profile with an Asscher center flanked by substantial sized baguette ‘neighbors’, the best kind! Our Classic Five is metal heavy with closed settings, and no added noise. As they say in the biz- ‘move in condition!’

Platinum or 18K. Asscher or Emerald cut. Ruby, sapphire or emerald combinations are possible.

Platinum and diamond engagement ring
Emerald cut diamond and platinum engagement ring


20 W 34th St.

My earliest memories of the Empire State Building are probably of King Kong clutching the object of his desire clad in a white slip dress up at the tippy top, and flailing angrily at the propeller planes sent to bring him down… powerful imagery. Working between the Garment District and Diamond District my entire career, I have always been just steps away from one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, another Art Deco masterpiece, and large enough to require its own zip code. Whether you're visiting for the views from the Observatories or just going up for a meeting, the striking splendor of the restored lobby will impress you with its deco adornments of gold stars, sunbursts and gears over marble. Our ring set focuses on the stacked column look of the outside, with a tracer band featuring three baguettes creating height and interest from above, like the lit spire at night.

Perfect in platinum. Emerald cuts only. A blue sapphire center is an excellent option to diamond.

Platinum engagement ring with emerald cut diamond
Engagement ring in rose gold with pale green sapphire


Liberty Island

A monumental gift from France, a symbol of freedom and democracy, Lady Liberty warmly welcomes all who come ashore through New York Harbor. She is the Goddess of New York. Our ring focuses on her striking crown; the spokes of her headdress become the setting, with diamond rivets to accent its construction. I went up into her crown when I was 16 on a B’nai Brith outing with visiting Israeli students. We climbed the tight spiral staircase inside just to peek out at the top- and because we could. It was funny, we made fast friends that week with our visitors and got to experience the city as a tourist does, seeing Broadway plays and visiting landmarks. It was different to view the city as a guest. I’m so glad I got to have that experience, climbing into a statue that signifies amongst other things, international friendship alongside international friends who were very familiar with the terms of freedom.

 Ideally cast in 18K Rose Gold, symbolizing the statue’s original copper coloring & Platinum set with a pale green sapphire, representing her current hue, a patina. All Platinum and diamonds is an equally brilliant option. Rivets optional. Round centers only.

Green sapphire and 18K rose gold engagement ring
Diamond engagement ring in platinum


405 Lexington Ave.

The Chrysler Building is the epitome of Art Deco architecture, although it wasn’t entirely well received upon its completion in May of 1930. There are many decorative details that reference Chrysler automobile’s hubcaps and hood ornaments, but the most recognizable portion of the building is its terraced crown propelling this steel clad beauty up into the sky. Lit up at night the curves and triangular windows radiate, lighting my way to Grand Central. If I’m not running for a train I’ll often stop and take yet another picture.

Perfect in platinum. Center stone shapes can be oval, round or marquis.

Deco style engagement ring with diamonds set in platinum
Custom engagement ring with diamonds


Mid Park @74th St.

Romantic, iconic, picturesque- distract your love by pointing out the rowboats while you get down on one knee, this Victorian Era bridge in Central Park is a hugely popular proposal destination. I borrowed the swirling, intertwined pattern and cast it in platinum. This ring is the most organic and feminine of my ‘Built for Love’ story. It is less about architecture and more about nature, executed in carefully chosen detail. Florals climb up 18K green gold where a rose cut oval diamond sits decorated with thorn prongs. I loved working with this ample, rounded canvas, blooming with idyllic inspiration. I lived on Central Park West for 4+ years. What a treat to get off the 8th Avenue line from frantic midtown and walk against The Park towards home; taking in the foliage you forget for a moment that you’re in the city until it hits you, it’s the best of both worlds.

 I love two-tone for this, platinum and rose gold would also work well. Oval, marquis or cushion cut are best. A pink, yellow or green sapphire would also make for a very flattering center stone.

Custom engagement ring with diamonds set in platinum
Platinum and 18K gold custom engagement ring with diamonds


5th Avenue between 50th - 51st Streets

 There is so much to take in at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the largest Gothic Revival Catholic cathedral in North America. The bronze doors, the spires, the stained glass and more. It’s no wonder the landmark receives 5 million visitors a year. I could base a dozen rings on this holy site as it is plush with Neo Gothic design details from every angle. I chose to focus on the majestic views inside with a look up at the vaulted ceiling adorned with intricate webs in gold and narrow pointed stained glass windows.

Psalm 139:14 I am fearfully and wonderfully made. In Platinum with 18K, yellow and white diamonds. Plenty of room to laser engrave your favorite verse.

Custom made engagement ring in platinum and 18K gold with white diamonds
Custom teardrop shape platinum ring paying homage to the Twin Towers


1 WTC & 2 WTC


Once the tallest buildings in the world, and certainly in my world, the Twin Towers were the focus of NYC’s southern skyline and provided a clear sense of due south. Their architectural style was New Formalism. Their façade, whether you appreciated the steel framed tube design or not, was explained to us school kids as high strength and load bearing, new engineering to accommodate such great heights and their unique challenges against the elements. There were class trips and there were concerts. There was shopping down below and at Century 21 nearby. There were 7 buildings total, my brother worked in Building 7 in 2001 (he survived, unscathed). It is difficult to Google ‘Twin Towers’ and not find images of 9/11. I have seen enough and wish to never see pictures of that day again as my own experience is forever seared in my mind's eye. I just want to pay tribute to these iconic structures that defined our skyline for so long, that lit my way and provided a compass for someone with no sense of direction. That disoriented feeling is forever amplified in their absence. The openness of this ring, describes the void and gives us a clear sense of before and after in the most resilient city. New York always comes back, but it Never Forgets.

 Featured in this rendering: a giant pear shaped diamond ’teardrop’ with Pigeon’s Blood Ruby hidden halo, symbolizing our broken hearts. 2 carré cut diamonds delineate the tops of the towers. Set in Platinum, the strongest metal.

This design concept is a memorial and will not be made for profit.
If this is part of your story please get in touch to discuss customization and your charitable organization.

Custom ring dedicated to memorialize the memory of 911 and the Twin Towers


Platinum and diamond wedding band


Platinum and diamond wedding band


Platinum and diamond wedding band


Platinum and diamond wedding band


Unisex Platinum and diamond wedding band


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