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Built for Love Bridal and Engagement Collection by Julie Lamb

Inspired by some of the world's most iconic architecture, we proudly present ‘Built for Love', an introduction to our wedding & engagement ring styles.
A bridal suite composed of New York stories & storeys fit for building a life together.
We explore the concept of permanence in both marriage and iconic landmarks, the preservation and protection of love.
These milestone pieces of tiny architecture represent our dream metropolis.
Natural diamonds, genuine gemstones and one-of-a-kind settings are featured in these original designs.
We hope you will choose to celebrate your commitments and connection with us.
We would be honored to design the perfect engagement ring & wedding bands for you and your partner.

Custom teardrop shape platinum ring paying homage to the Twin Towers


1 WTC & 2 WTC


Once the tallest buildings in the world, and certainly in my world, the Twin Towers were the focus of NYC’s southern skyline and provided a clear sense of due south. Their architectural style was New Formalism. Their façade, whether you appreciated the steel framed tube design or not, was explained to us school kids as high strength and load bearing, new engineering to accommodate such great heights and their unique challenges against the elements. There were class trips and there were concerts. There was shopping down below and at Century 21 nearby. There were 7 buildings total, my brother worked in Building 7 in 2001 (he survived, unscathed). It is difficult to Google ‘Twin Towers’ and not find images of 9/11. I have seen enough and wish to never see pictures of that day again as my own experience is forever seared in my mind's eye. I just want to pay tribute to these iconic structures that defined our skyline for so long, that lit my way and provided a compass for someone with no sense of direction. That disoriented feeling is forever amplified in their absence. The openness of this ring, describes the void and gives us a clear sense of before and after in the most resilient city. New York always comes back, but it Never Forgets.

 Featured in this rendering: a giant pear shaped diamond ’teardrop’ with Pigeon’s Blood Ruby hidden halo, symbolizing our broken hearts. 2 carré cut diamonds delineate the tops of the towers. Set in Platinum, the strongest metal.

This ring design concept is a memorial and will not be made for profit.
If this is part of your story please get in touch to discuss customization and your charitable organization.

Custom ring dedicated to memorialize the memory of 911 and the Twin Towers

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