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Our Social Media

Join the party! If you haven't already please LIKE us on Facebook at Julie Lamb NY, share our product pins on Pinterest at Julie Lamb Jewelry, and for a really good time follow us on Instagram at Julie Lamb NY. We are always pinning and posting new pics of work in progress, industry events, NYC life, lamb and sheep news, our redhead obsession, the latest in tech/fashion/art collabs, and other nonsense that inspires & entertains us! 

Most importantly our Social Media platform is a way to show off and connect with our Lambassadors globally. Lambassadors? Oh yes. Friends and fans of the flock who send us pix wearing our jewelry are welcomed and encouraged! Please repost and share with your network so that we can Be Herd all over the world! We also appreciate all the content from Ewe on cool lamb stuff you've shot and forwarded, it takes a village. 


Our Metals

Why choose Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold & 18K Yellow Gold for our Collections?

 Because Sterling Silver while still a precious metal has a much friendlier price point we wanted to offer. Our Sterling like all white gold in the marketplace is rhodium plated giving it a bright white polished finish and also helping to prevent tarnishing. 

Our Dark Silver styles are Sterling with a Black Rhodium finish. It is common in Fine Jewelry to accent black diamond pave or rich colored stones with this finish.

We prefer 14K Rose Gold to 18K simply because the color is pinker as opposed to the higher karat containing more of the pure gold alloy which casts an apricot hue.

We prefer 18K yellow over 14K for its bright sunshiny yellow shade.

These are our personal preferences and we hope you'll agree. If you would like to see any of our jewelry in an alternate metal just email us at and we will do our best to accommodate. 


Our Diamonds

For Sterling and two tone product we use H-I/I1,I2 Diamonds and for Gold we use fine quality stones  that are G-H/VS2.


Our Chain

Comes from my good friends at Armbrust in Providence, Rhode Island. Building a relationship with these folks over the years has been my business but more importantly my pleasure. They supply top quality, innovative and creatively designed chains to the biggest names in jewelry. Their factory is expansive with some machines dating back 100 years linking hundreds of styles day and night. Even more impressive are the families that have made their careers at Armbrust for generations. 


Our Manufacturers 

All jewelry is made right in NYC's iconic Diamond District with skilled craftsmen from all over the world. Julie likes to be able to walk right into the shop and be part of the entire product development process because she is a control freak  :  )


Our Process

Julie prefers her pieces to have a precision machined quality. She draws her pieces to spec and then directs CAD model makers to build them approving revisions every step of the way. Julie appreciates the traditional jewelry making skills of the local jewelers she works with as well as embracing technology and believes that merging the two can result in perfection.


Our Partners

Julie Lamb is proud to partner with myFace:

myFace is dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with facial disfigurement. With a special focus on children and their families, myFace funds medical, surgical, dental and psychosocial services as well as research and public awareness.