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Fine Designer Necklaces that are ‘Different by Design’

Browse our assortment of fine designer pendants and necklaces spanning across all collections. Each distinct story captures a different perspective, giving us a full range of motion in style and personality. Designed to be layered and worn together, our assortment invites infinite options to express your individuality. Grab your daily dose of diamonds from our ‘Elements’ collection and layer on a ‘Love Token’ from our ‘CITY’ collection, or a gemstone shield from our empowerment jewelry collection ‘Metropolis’ - choose the symbol that speaks to you. Shop our most playful collection ‘Be Ewe’, it’s not for the sheepish! Here we explore all the ways to ‘Stand Out’ & ‘Be Herd’ with our lovable logo or - cement your bada$$ Black Sheep status in black diamonds, ewe know who you are! Created in sterling silver or solid gold we encourage you to have fun building your unique look.

Love our style but have your own idea in mind? Make an appointment to discuss your project with Julie, we’d be delighted to create a bespoke necklace just for you!