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Early adopter…

I have been making jewelry since my little hands could string beads together. As a kid I curated an immaculate assortment of beads which I used to separate in trays by color with names like Kermit, lime, grass or watermelon, bubble gum, rose...

I even started making my own hand painted beaded necklaces that my mom would wear (in public!) bless her heart.

Declaring a passion…

By 14 I knew I wanted to spend more time in the city and commuted from my Brooklyn neighborhood to attend the High School of Art & Design in Midtown Manhattan armed with my giant black portfolio and trusty Art Bin.

After class I would roam through the Garment District and Canal Street, spending my allowance on findings, Polymer clay, rhinestones, base metal stampings, acrylic and the like. I would even raid my dad’s garage for nuts, bolts, keys, or any other small parts I thought could be of use. I was making jewelry out of anything that wasn’t nailed down.

With my sights set on a career in Jewelry Design, I went upstate to attend Syracuse University, where I graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing (and some singed hair). I loved being in the shop bringing the ideas in my sketchbook to life but my semester abroad in Florence, Italy was definitely the highlight!

Designer for hire…

Right out of school I started my career designing for companies large and small across a broad spectrum of the industry. I worked for big corporate brands, family owned businesses, as well as start up and from Fashion Jewelry to Fine. Along the way I learned a lot about building a process, product development, marketing, merchandising, management and branding, while moving up the ladder in my design roles. I travelled the world, trend shopping across Europe, and then translated that vision into product with factories overseas for large scale production. It was fast paced, I got to work with some really talented people and I loved it!


Taking the plunge…

In 2014 I felt it was finally time to take the plunge and go into business for myself.

The Julie Lamb brand stands for individuality and encourages the wearer to 'Stand Out', 'Be Herd', & 'Be Ewe'.

The playfully inspirational messages of ‘Be Ewe’, as well as ‘Made in New York by New Yorkers’ engraved throughout 'City', speak authentically to who I am and where I'm coming from.

My pieces exude simplicity and craft, with an eye toward merging the traditional skills of master jewelers with new technology.

I have a unique way of looking at things and connecting to the symbols around me, interpreting iconography through my own lens and providing a different point of view, be it a lamb, a stone shape, or the hardware details of the city.

Upcoming collections, although not logo centric will share the same clean lined sensibility. I am thrilled to express my creativity in a more personal way and head up a brand whose mission is to ‘Have Fun with Fine’, manufactured right here in the city I’ve always loved.

That's all I've got so far.

But enough about me; Be Ewe