I'm Julie Lamb, a fine jewelry designer and proud native New Yorker. To answer a very popular question- yes, Julie Lamb is my ‘real’ name, the name I was born with. The name came first and the jewelry followed! So what's in a name you ask? Well, when your last name is Lamb, you're never far from a 'flock' of puns. When I became a solo entrepreneur, it was my family name that led me to design my very first collection playfully entitled ‘Be Ewe’. Needless to say, this is the most fun collection I've created as it features my loveable Lamb logo coupled with encouraging messages disguised as wordplay. Much to my delight, Be Ewe quickly caught on in the realm of knitting jewelry

A 'Ewe'nique' and Passionate Community of Knitters

When I launched my company's social media channel in 2015, I was immediately introduced to a broad cross-section of knitters (and sheep farmers!) online. I was initially surprised when I attracted all these fiber friends through social, but it is such a blessing to have an audience when you are just starting out. Your feedback has always been loud and clear - suggesting places I should be, items I should add or refine. I’ve listened and learned from our interactions, it's an absolute honor to be welcomed into this ‘tight knit’ community with such warmth.  ‘Ewe'nique' and passionate is how I would describe the wonderful group of individuals I've come to meet in the fiber arts community. Creative, young at heart makers, truly obsessed with knitting - as their craft, hobby, side hustle, friend group & passion. My inspired lamb jewelry is perfect for knitters and crocheters alike. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of this proud flock in person at major fiber events up in Rhinebeck, NY during the Sheep & Wool Festival every October; at Vogue Knitting Live, in NYC (in Columbus, OH. & Minneapolis, MN. once too!), and of course at local yarn stores for Yarn Crawls and Wool Walks in the metro area. It's beyond enjoyable to offer FUN & functional sheep jewelry to this enthusiastic crowd! One of the best parts of participating in live events is getting to see knitters discovering my jewelry for the first time. Ewe automatically register ‘It’s a little lamb!’ with such joy, it's infectious- and for that reason you’re lovingly referred to as my 'Lambassadors'!

Julie Lamb at Vogue Knitting Show

The Evolution of The Lamb Logo & Be Ewe

The Lamb logo started as a cute & fluffy sketch when I first started signing it on my artwork in grade school. It has since evolved into its current sleek form consisting of a few clean lines with rounded edges. It’s designed with the intention to be cute but not childish. My logo reflects early influences of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, easily recognizable, always fashionable and loved by kids today as well as the kids that grew up with her (like me!) My Lamb logo is also influenced by tech trendsetter Apple - their rounded edges made hardware inviting, I love their minimalist design aesthetic. The Lamb logo is central to the Be Ewe Collection and it’s also discretely embossed as my trademark within all of my other fine jewelry collections.

lamb logo evolution

Messages that Resonate with all Fiber Enthusiasts

With Be Ewe we celebrate the Black Sheep in genuine black diamonds. It’s not always easy to be the Black Sheep, but wearing one proudly definitely reminds ewe, and those around you why you’ve chosen to stand your ground! The styles resonate with one’s personality, they are symbols of self expression more than mere accessories. Designers, artists, and makers tend to gravitate towards something different, not what the masses are wearing. Be Ewe offers this point of differentiation. Not sold in stores, it's a niche offering that attracts those who love the symbolism and how it reflects their own values. Messages like ‘Be Herd’, ‘Rock Your Flock’, & ‘Stand Out’ are also incorporated into our pieces. These cheeky messages of empowerment are delivered in a playful and interactive way that resonates with our community of independent thinking creatives. This theme of empowerment is important to me, something I strive for and something I want to see more of in the world. In fact I designed another collection named ‘Metropolis’ the main component is a shield shaped gem that makes us think of Superman &/or a diamond. It’s a suite of empowerment jewelry that encourages you to ‘Acknowledge Your Superpowers’! 

sheep rings & necklaces

The 'Shear Brilliance' of the Be Ewe Jewelry Collection

Our loveable Lamb logo serves as the inspiration for all the pieces that are part of the collection, along with the many opportunities for a play on words and incorporating lamb centric elements to identify these pieces; Lamb Tags (they’re not dog tags!) black sheep, flocks and herds - ewe name it! Necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants designed with a single sheep or a herd of sheep are all part of the Be Ewe collection. From sterling silver to solid gold, genuine diamonds and gemstones of different colors, there are many options to complement your latest shawl or sweater and amplify your individuality. These are some fan favorites:

ewe rock ring
lamb rings
lamb & sheep jewelry for knitters

Being a Lambassador Means You're Always 'Wool'-ing to Go the Extra Mile

I’ve made jewelry since I was a kid, a maker like you, I collected bobbles & beads to glue and string together. I only looked at schools with a jewelry program and my entire career has been in jewelry design for big companies in NYC up until I launched my eponymous line. The journey Be Ewe has brought me on is so ewe-nique! I love designing jewelry, seeing a new idea come to life and then being able to wear that idea. It's how I express my individuality, I know you understand that feeling. This community of knitters and fiber artists I’ve found as a result of becoming a solo entrepreneur makes my heart happy. Amongst other creatives and makers where yarn is the thread that 'knits' us all together, I am proud to be your destination for fine jewelry, for all the diamond sheep and beyond!