HELLO DAY! A Wearable Mantra

Some custom orders just spark joy 🤩 
If you saw episode #002 of Piece of Work my IGTV series, then you’ve already met my Rhonda. I’ve been working out with her for years and in that time we have converted each other. She now wears fine jewelry (mine all mine!) and I work out regularly, without a gun to my head. Don’t tell her but some mornings I even look forward to it 🤫 
This full time personal trainer wakes up naturally around 5:00am (WTF?)
Not only is she up and at ‘em, she’s awake and HAPPY to greet the day (even more bizarre). Her whole family jokes that when she rises each sun up, arms stretched to the sky like a Disney character- she exclaims ‘HELLO DAY!’ 🤩
This sunny attitude is her constant, her infectious energy lightens everyone around her, her curiosity about people is warm and caring and when she hugs you you can feel every muscle in her little body. Rhonda is basically a human ray of sunshine ☀️ We’re all just basking in it!
So, back to the jewels... Rhon had this heirloom dress watch contraption collecting dust in her jewelry box. We didn’t even know if it was real gold! (I had it tested and i t was!) The tiny watch face had a hideous old casting with empty settings all over it- from a past generation already raiding it for diamonds! Ugh. We really did like the bracelet link though.
Immediately I thought of an ID type style to fit Rhonda’s active lifestyle, something she could wear with her Fit Bit 🙄🏋🏻‍♀️🚴🏽
I explained that ID bracelets most often have a name, initials or encouraging phrase engraved. I told Rhonda, ‘You can engrave anything you want. Most people put their names but you’re a grown a$$ woman you don’t need that!’ Half joking I suggested ‘HELLO DAY!’ and sketched it on a note pad. She loved it immediately and I went from there 😉✍🏼

I am so happy to have been able to give this piece of family history new life and personalize it for the present generation to love. Rhon’s already asked me if she can sleep in it and ride her bike with it (yes, no) !!! I'm just proud to get this sporty gal in some fine jewelry that excites her almost as much as the next sunrise!