It's March already... checking in

Just checking in I wanted to let you know how OPEN my #wordoftheyear was working out, I believe I chose the right one ☺️ Here I am posting stuff that a few thousand people might see. The concepts I relate come from feelings and those are most often inspired by people. You never know who your message will resonate with. Your inspiration may awaken someone else’s. Maybe the people you hoped would read your words didn’t- but all wasn’t lost as others unexpectedly responded. That is success, that is connection, that is being heard. 

This weekend I held my good friend’s new baby. We reveled in his perfection as he took turns sleeping in our arms. I also took a sun soaked train ride up the Hudson to meet an old co worker. ☀️🚂We hadn’t spoken in over 5 years due to a falling out. She had read my New Year’s message and thought it was the right time to contact me. I appreciated her keeping tabs on me, and reaching out. Her actions spoke volumes and on this beautiful day in a nice restaurant I felt no need to rehash the past. Making the time to see each other was enough of a gesture. Respect and forgiveness were implied. On the train ride back down I felt lighter.

Of late I have been the beneficiary of support of all kinds. The right people are still around me, the wrong don’t stay long, and I have been fortunate to receive many gifts. It could be time, it could be teaching, it could be software, service or inclusion- I just feel like when you approach your path with passion people will volunteer to ensure your success. Connecting the dots becomes more frequent and coincidences seem purposeful. 

I had to think of my friend @DelphineJewelry when I found today’s quote. She helped me out at an event this January. It snowed that weekend and I had lost my voice ❄️🤐 Foot traffic was slower than expected, and I’d mumble stuff like ‘the snow is keeping everyone away’ and ‘today sucks’ and Delphine practically slapped me 👋🏻🤭 I said ‘But the customers can’t hear me!’ to which she answered ‘But the universe can!’ 🌌 She kept me in line! Spirits up! No negativity! I so appreciated that lesson and I will take it with me. OPEN for the win! Let us March