March Birthstone: Aquamarine Dream! One of a Kind Behind the Scenes

I had free range on this one (yay!) and showed the direction I wanted to go in with an image of this previous One of a Kind, I intended on using these stepped deco details again:
            Always start with a sketch:
            When my client is happy with the direction we go into CAD...
           Building virtually in 3D we can see all angles and make necessary changes. Next step is 3D printing that can be cast.
On to polishing, setting & finishing. As involved as I am every step of the way it's always a treat for me to see the final finished piece. i couldn't have imagined how BIG and sparkly this aqua was going to look!
This aquamarine was rescued from an H.Stern pendant 😱😱😱 OMG I can't believe I was ordered to deconstruct an H.Stern piece!!! That is sacrilegious!!! I've been a huge fan of the Brazilian brand since FOREVER. The client is my aunt, my mom's only sister. She travels the world with her husband (coolest uncle ever) John Hammond Jr. touring all over singin' the blues. They actually picked this pendant up straight from Brazil in the H.Stern factory I believe. We are both really happy with how this aqua re set turned out, it's quite the Statement Ring in its new setting ✨ Not wanting to leave her H.Stern pendant hanging, I had a black spinel faceted for it and now she can wear both pieces. 
March is definitely going in like a LAMB 😉✨🐑