Transitioning is HARD

Things were getting weirder and weirder. More masks were being spotted on the street, latex gloves to leave the house, subway scaries, social distancing and more😱 March 10th was the last party I attended, so glad it was such a good one! My #JewelryBestie @DelphineJewelry was showing at a fashion designer's private loft space in Union Square. With all the Coronavirus talk going around people were starting to take precautions. There were a number of cancelations but still it was a great turn out of fashionistas, influencers, models, designers, photographers and the like. I will cherish the memories of 'The Last Party' dearly 😢

I did my things in the Diamond District, and was dreading taking the 4/5/6 down to Union Square. Typical me, I wore a denim jumpsuit with hi top sneakers (and a $h!t ton of jewelry to dress it up 😉). I put the gloves on, but didn't get very far, I felt so uncomfortable. Turns out it wasn't going to rain after all so I decided to walk down 5th the 35 blocks instead of going underground. About 40 minutes, totally worth it!

My husband had left me these in case I was taking the subway:

My plans to see friends on Thursday 3/12 were canceled. Their company just issued a Work From Home order as was slowly taking affect all over. Monday 3/16 was really my last productive day in the Diamond District. I shared lunch at one of my shops and tried to tie up loose ends, already worried the trains were going to shut down or...??? Uncertainty was in the air that none of us were breathing.

On Thursday 3/19 I tried a new thing care of #JewelryFriend @MirtadeGisbert In an attempt to stay connected we planned to have our cocktail together over on Instagram LIVE! I'm not one for spontaneity (as in, if I don't have my face on do not FaceTime me) so we planned ours a couple of days in advance. This gave us time to invite our dual audiences to watch live and send in questions ahead. I did wear make up but I couldn't wrap my head around getting dressed to sit in my own house so I wore my flannel 🐑🐑🐑 pj's- which I could not have done had we met in a bar 😜 Here is one of our invites and a nice write up by JCK magazine!

Friday 3/20/20 11:00am ish: PANIC!!! I'm home listening to the news. President Cuomo #CuomoCrush 🥰 is on again. He is announcing that that all NON ESSENTIAL businesses will shut down this weekend...!!! Actually, I believe the correct language is 'pause' but I heard shut down. I grab my phone and call my shops. I have one last order (that's not ready) I need to ship AND a custom in work. One of my guys is aiming to close in under 2 hours. I ask/tell my husband I need a ride into midtown. I'm freaking out. How long will this be? I can only sell inventory, I can't make new... how will we all make money? Pay rent? The workers? Is anyone sick? My rockstars 🤩 did finish my ring order, I was there in time to see the whole shop walking out, and left quickly before I started crying #theme


Like this men's band? Cool, vote for my versatile platinum style at 's MANgagement Ring Design Contest! 

A very empty 48th Street: 

Last order ready to go. Gloves on, I got it.

Since then my husband has also been told to work from home. I work from home, and HAD the option of working out of this beautiful creative collab space a couple of days per week, as well working with my manufacturers in midtown. Now we are both here FULL TIME. Yay. 🤯

Soooo... what have I been doing since? Oh you know. Squeezing out a post or two, messing with new tech, writing, writing, writing. Cooking ALOT. Zoom everything- classes, meetings, parties, cocktails, exercise... I'm struggling to maintain my very active work and social life here in captivity 😂 I am normally half introvert #socialdistancing and half #socialbutterfly 🦋 out and about, so not having that outlet available to me is very constricting. My Chinese Zodic sign is Tiger- I'm feeling like a caged animal 🐅 /grounded teenager 😒

Yes, I am aware that I am still VERY LUCKY🍀- I am definitely way more worried about making $$$ and having a business to come back to (complete with manufacturing!) than I am about my health at this time. That in itself is a luxury. We are being careful and don't have very much interaction besides going to buy more produce, etc. I know a handful of people who may be infected with mild cases and one friend who tested positive and has been really fighting. Things could be worse, and very well may get worse- as we have not hit the peak yet and are still allowed to leave our houses...

P.S.- I think writing helps to alleviate some of the anxiety and feel a connection. Thank you for giving me a reason ☺️

STAY SAFE, STAY HOME! Love ewe, xoxox