What Your Ring Game Says About You!

I’ve worn jewelry long before I was a jewelry designer. I believe my first piece of fine jewelry was a tiny pinky ring of my mother’s. It has a ruby and a diamond set in a heart-to-heart design. I believe I was in pre-K, or at most 5 years old when she gave it to me to wear on my middle finger, I wore it for years and years. It’s a sweet little style, don’t you think?

heirloom ring
cherised ring

Often our jewelry journey begins with precious passed down pieces. Whether you inherit a treasure trove or a trinket there is always value. Sentimental value, or otherwise. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Wow I would never give my kindergartener a gold ring! Too young!’ and maybe you’re right - but I grew up in a jewelry obsessed family! My mom couldn’t wait to adorn her mini me, special occasions and milestones were always celebrated with jewelry. My mom always had her eye on something from the jeweler around the block.

Your jewelry tells a story. Wearing jewelry is another form of self expression so many humans have indulged in since the beginning of time. Rings in particular usually have a lot to say - unlike earrings and necklaces these are the pieces we can look at and enjoy for ourselves while wearing, plus some of our digits hold particular significance. Your ring selection, when and how you wear them, speaks volumes about your personal style or mood of the moment. What was my youngest ring game saying? It said Mom wanted a girl! It said we love red and pink (ruby is neither of our birthstones!) and each other. Decades later, and my ring game sure has evolved. I’ve designed so many rings for so many brands, trends, clients, and occasions. I love to curate my selection daily as my activity, mood and outfit change, although I do have my go-to favorites. As a designer I am often asked how to style jewelry, let me share with you my ‘hands on’ perspective, let’s break it down! 

Your Jewelry Personality 

What are your signature, go-to pieces? Stackables? A statement? Or is your engagement ring and wedding band your base? Your answer may be all of the above and that works just fine - good thing we have 2 hands! 

  • So many women have their left hand anchored by their bridal jewels. Your commitment to family proudly on display. Your left ring finger says so much about your life, it’s the outward symbol of a committed relationship. You don’t need any other rings on your left hand, you keep it classic - but you could add a pinky ring or pointer finger ring if you were so inclined. I suggest something more delicate on either of those fingers so as not to take away from the main attraction! Try one of the rings from our Mariel Stacking Set on your pointer, or our Lila Chevron as a pinky. Fun fact: both of these styles were passed down to me from my maternal grandmother. I wore them so much that I had to make versions for the collection!  
  • If fashion is your passion you’re likely dressing up differently every day depending on your activities; mixing and matching metals and gemstones to complement your outfits. Stackables &/or statement rings are your friends! The stackables provide versatility, pile them all on one finger to make a statement or spread them out to sparkle in a more understated but eye-catching way. Yes, I often use a band my size layered with a ring that’s a little loose, stacking bands serve a purpose past pretty! 
  • Are you a bold babe? Perhaps an everyday statement ring is your style. I don’t believe that statement rings have to be kept for formal dress up occasions - check out my Bespoke style ‘It Takes Two’ rings. They are chunky and uniquely chic, every stone pairing is different. They are built for everyday wear, they are fabulous but not ‘fancy’. The perfect right-hand ring. I’d put any large colored stone ring in this category, without a lot of pavè or feminine detailing you can certainly rock your rock from day to night.
  • Are you the sentimental type? Have a piece that was passed down from someone special that makes you feel close to them when you wear it? Lucky you, you scored an heirloom treasure! If the ring fits that’s great. Sometimes having this vintage piece sized down to a pinky ring gives it a modern vibe. Love the stone, but not the setting? That’s fine too, I can take in your old jewelry, get you a credit for the metal and we can reset the stone any way you like, giving it a whole new life. (Link) to make an appointment here
  • Are you into wearing pieces in unexpected places? *See midi & thumb rings below. Mixing metals? All of the above descriptions and more??? You’re a creative! Maybe you’re wearing something you made, meshing old and new, fashion jewelry with fine, you’re artfully curated or over the top. You’re not asking anyone’s opinion, you express yourself in style. No rules! Go ahead and add on the pieces that speak to you. May I suggest a black sheep or Chubby Boyfriend, it’s nice to have a cute critter in the mix. Visit Metropolis to add on some superpowers, our unisexy CITY block band lends a chunky street chic vibe and the two-tone takes it further, encouraging your mix. Remember, our Elements collection has all the in-between, daily diamonds needed to pull your many motifs together.

On Mixing Metals 

Mixing metals, that’s a yes from me - go for it! There is more to gold than yellow. I find that white gold or platinum are the perfect mixers. I suggest mixing white metal in with your yellow palette, or white with rose, depending on what the bulk of your collection is like. Tri tone with yellow, white and rose feels a bit dated to me, however blackened metals or stones with white and yellow can look very edgy. My Elements collection is designed with this specifically in mind so that you can easily incorporate a hue or two. Starting with the Mariel Stacking Trio and adding on the coordinating Queen of Bounce bezel charm ring. The Lila Chevrons are also made for this, stacked together in yellow, white and black - super sexy! In Built for Love we offer the bold and beautiful Bow Bridge ring, shown in 18K green and platinum but it would be even more romantic in rose & white. Up to you!

mid rings

Once Upon a Pinky

Statement Pinkies / Stacking Pinkies

Pinky rings have long been a statement and symbol of power, worn traditionally by male aristocracy to denote their position in society. These rings were embellished with a signet, using initials, symbols or a coat of arms to trace back to their noble houses. Fast forward to the viral ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ trend we survived over social media this winter (link) which reminded us what the bosses are wearing. A capo loves a prominent pinky, as in ‘kiss the ring’! In any case, it’s a real power play to steal this classic menswear look from the guys. For these bold looks I suggest our Class Rings (link) sized down and customized to your liking. 

 Can you wear a pinkie stack? Yes you can! I’m often seen wearing my black and gold sheep pinkies, or sheep with chevron, a double chevron, charm ring or even a giant gem on my most delicate digit. Don’t ignore this little finger! It can exude power, glamour or the perfect touch of chic.


On Midi Rings & Thumb Rings

If you appreciate an unconventional and adventurous approach to accessorizing your hands, you can skip my thoughts here! While I do admire a cute little midi ring worn up top between any fingertip and first knuckle, I am just too nervous to wear one! They are usually really delicate bands not much more than a wire, but still! This trend is very Catbird, very Williamsburg if you know what I mean. I will stick with my usual ring real estate, although our little logo lamb rings with diamonds or our Lila chevron in a pinky size both do look very cute up high in my mix. I don’t trust me, I’m using my hands too much! 

As for thumb rings, I’m just not a fan of the look. First of all you have to have the right shaped thumb and I do not. My thumbs taper down so anything I can get on would just spin below the knuckle. If you have a straighter shape thumb your band will stay on. Our CITY bands (link) and Line Dance Band (link) would work best for this digit, if you haven’t thumbed your nose at this placement as I have! I don’t wear cuff earrings either, also afraid of losing them like a first knuckle ring, and again I don’t have the right ear shape! My wild hair would surely toss an ear cuff across the avenue! 

While we’re on the topic of no no’s… ladies please, I beg of you do not wear your rings to the gym or while participating in any sports. Not for gardening, the beach or cleaning either! Just because you paid good money for something does not make it indestructible. Prongs can break or move, stones can fall out, chemicals damage stones, metal scratches. This is a little gadget you can add to your keychain if you find yourself about to do a non jewelry activity and you’ve already left the house: (lion latch link) 

Also to remember, your rings will fit differently depending on the season. In  hot weather (or after eating a salty meal, I’m looking at you Chinese take out!) your fingers will swell. In cold weather your rings can be loose. What to do: buy a ring that fits, not ‘just fits’ so in the winter you can just add a thin band to keep secure. Beware of losing a pinky ring in gloves! It’s like coats and bracelets! Be careful or save for warm weather lewks. 

As for eternity bands, it is a nice thought when getting married that you will always stay exactly this size… pregnancy, hormones, etc. can change that up for you. Leaving a little all metal space at the bottom of your band can save you a sizing headache! It’s called a ¾ eternity. If you’re going for an anniversary band years later (what better way to mark a milestone!) after all the ups and downs, only then go full eternity! Check out my favorite eternity band styles in Built for Love (price upon request).

gemstone engagement ring

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engagement rings are a personal symbol of your love story. There are an infinite number of styles out there. If you prefer a more classic presentation, the solitaire is timeless when placed in a simply stated elegant setting, and you can always jazz it up with an awesome band or two. If you are a traditionalist you may lean towards a more vintage style or maybe a family heirloom that was passed down. For a little more sparkle you might choose a halo around your center stone. These go in and out of popularity but I think they are always on the menu. Not a diamond gal? No problem, I suggest going with a fabulous sapphire center, they are available in more than just blue (pink, yellow) and are almost as durable as a diamond. The latest trend has been the Toi et Moi two stone. An open or closed band featuring diamonds of different shapes or a diamond with a precious gem. Check out my ‘It Takes Two’ styles in Bespoke to give you an idea. For those that want something truly unique, and to have a hand in the design, where all details are possible, a bespoke engagement ring may be the solution. We would discuss all the styles you love and create your dream ring from scratch. You will have approval at every stage in the process. We can work together remotely or start in person at my midtown studio. There you’ll be able to try on our unique bridal rings from my ‘Built for Love’ collection, and more. These styles were inspired by landmark buildings around NYC, this will give you an idea about how custom and detail obsessed we can get! Custom details are our specialty, your appointment awaits!

Heirloom Rings

 Heirloom rings are sentimental in nature, speaking to a family legacy being passed from generation to generation. Heirlooms are great because they are a symbolic way to tell a story about your family’s origins and love connections past. Old-world craftsmanship typically features in heirloom rings. That can be a beautiful thing or perhaps you find the style dated. We are happy to help you repurpose your heirloom into something you’d love to wear everyday that reflects your more modern style. I just hate when people tell me they have jewelry in the drawer that is not being worn! Let’s make something awesome! If you love the family jewels as is that’s great too, you can still stop in for a styling appointment, get a ‘friend’ for it or do a resize! 

Cocktail Rings

Feeling confident? Ready to make a statement? Well, then the cocktail ring is your weapon of choice for a bold accessory that draws attention to you! Of course, cocktail rings a.k.a statement rings are not just for special events. Yes, you can wear them with your daily attire to work or for casual outings if you’re feeling glam. See our last blog for a deep dive on the scandalous origins of this well loved accessory. We are HUGE fans of HUGE rings. Unexpected color combos, heavy metal, unique settings. Our Bespoke ring gallery has only grown over the years, by design. This is why you choose to work designer direct! With Bespoke ‘everything is possible’.

cocktail statement ring

Pointer & Middle Finger for Statement Rings

Now that you have the perfect statement ring how do you wear it?

Tradition calls for the middle finger on your right hand. But anything goes – left

or right is up to you, depending upon your other commitments, aka wedding and engagement! However, you are comfortable works fine, even better if your ring fits multiple fingers, more options to play with. 

new twist on class ring

Themed Rings 

These run the gamut of A – Z across a spectrum of very specific designs; think Star Wars themed rings, Marvel Comics, Disney engagement rings, and more. They can also be more common symbols like Goth and biker styles featuring skulls and spikes, or collector’s cute animals & nature pieces,  Zodiac signs and religious themes such as cross rings, Hamsas, evil eyes and the like. Themed rings are your personal emblem – a badge that represents your interests and values, not just a fashion statement. Spiritual-themed rings and necklaces can even act as a protective talisman.

 As a designer, I’ve developed my own themed rings, from more of a storytelling perspective. The Be Ewe collection is a play on my name, as well as an ode to jewelry for knitters. The collection encompasses rings, earrings and necklaces and in this narrative the black sheep is our hero standing out from the crowd.

Which Way To Wear The Ring

I often get asked how to face my motif rings. Inwards so when you look down the lamb or shield is upright for you, or do you wear them facing outward so that an admirer can view them right side up? Well, easy for me - I wear mine facing outwards in case someone wants to buy it off my body :  )  Yes I’m always wearing at least one of my own designs, plus I might don a ring from my grandma in my mix as well. So, it’s up to you on how yours are facing. Are they for your enjoyment or are you expecting to show them off?! No wrong answers. 

I get inspiration from the city around me which led to designing jewelry pieces reflective of NYC architecture and iconic symbols. The CITY Collection celebrates this one of a kind metropolis glorifying old subway tokens and common manhole covers - the industrial hardware of the city cast in precious metals and set with diamonds. These styles tell a story about the wearer, which states ‘I Love NY’ they are the ultimate conversation piece for True Yorkers and transplants alike. Taking the inspiration further, the skyscrapers and bridges of NYC are a focal point for bespoke engagement rings that are Built for Love, with art deco architecture as their stunning backdrop. The permanence of our landmarks and commitment make for a solid foundation.

superhero rings

More concepts collide in our empowerment collection, Metropolis. When I first found these gemstone shields at a stone show I immediately thought of Superwoman. The gemologist I was traveling with thought ‘Diamond’- I loved the idea of these powerful symbols coming together, named for a fictional city that just felt very close to home. This is how Metropolis came into being. It was fun to add color to my line. These gem shields are custom cut for me. They have been beloved gifts for celebrating milestones as well as tokens of healing and strength for those loved ones facing a challenging time. Empowering, powerful, super & strong, these are the feelings a Metropolis piece elicits.

Every ring tells a story about the wearer. What are your hands saying about you? Want to change it up? I’m here for it!